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Unfinished Business: Saturn above Distomo

distomo01 Seventy years after the SS-massacre in the Greek village Distomo, the victims have yet to receive any compensation. The perpetrators have never been charged or convicted.
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Play for time

01_ghetto-pensions Holocaust survivors continue to struggle to obtain their pension payments from German pension insurers based on their work in the ghettos. No other law in the history of compensation in post-war Germany has seen so many claims rejected than the ghetto-pension law.
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The traces of Sant´Anna di Stazzema

01_sant-anna Despite a conviction in Italy, seven SS-members continue to live unchallenged in Germany. Survivors of the massacre continue to demand answers from the German judiciary.
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From victims to victors

khulumani01 Survivors and families of victims of South Africa´s apartheid past found the Khulumani Support Group in 1995. Khulumani lobbies and advocates for the unresolved and unfinished issues of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).
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Mainstream media marginalises

Behind the Mask understands itself as a communication initiative on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and intersex rights on the African continent and exists since 10 years. Their mission: To change negative attitudes towards homosexuality and same-sex traditions on the African continent. Their means: Independent, journalist activism.
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