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Unfinished Business: Saturn above Distomo

distomo01 Seventy years after the SS-massacre in the Greek village Distomo, the victims have yet to receive any compensation. The perpetrators have never been charged or convicted.

On 9 June, 2014, Argyris Sfountouris unlocks the iron entrance gate to the small plot of land surrounding the house he has was born in. Caper bushes with fresh buds and open flowers cling to the stony sidewalls. The afternoon sun shines intensely from the summer sky above Distomo. Every now and then a brief breeze blows the stagnant heat away. “I brought my two grandchildren with me. So that there is at least some liveliness here,” he declares. The two girls (aged nine and seven) already explore the garden.

In the back part, between hollyhocks, an old apricot tree, wild creeping plants and crumbling buildings, Sfountouris contemplates life’s disruptions and continuities. “This house has endured several earthquakes,” says the 73- year old. The house where he saw his mother and father for the last time, before they were brutally killed. The house with the garden, where he and his sisters hid away from the German soldiers. The house that was set on fire and burned down to the foundation walls. The house that was rebuilt. The house which stands next to the old school where the SS began the massacre of Distomo. Seventy years later he says: “This was like an earthquake for me or the end of the world.” With far-reaching repercussions.

The booklet

Our first booklet contains the testimony of Argyris Sfountouris. If you are interested to read more, please contact us.

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