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Fallout-25 years after Chernobyl

In remote villages of the Ukraine, contaminated food is part of daily life. There is no choice. After the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, the Ukrainian government regularly monitored the food and soil contamination of the affected areas and exposure doses. This monitoring program “Dosimetric classification of settlements of Ukraine contaminated as a result of Chernobyl catastrophe” has not been performed since 2009.
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Mainstream media marginalises

Behind the Mask understands itself as a communication initiative on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered and intersex rights on the African continent and exists since 10 years. Their mission: To change negative attitudes towards homosexuality and same-sex traditions on the African continent. Their means: Independent, journalist activism.
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The infinite tragedy

“Refugees are the ambassadors of injustice in the world“ says the Italian journalist Gabriele del Grande. Their tragedy is described in his recent book “Mamadous Fahrt in den Tod” (Mamadous journey to death). An interview with Gabriele del Grande.
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Fractious constellations

“Trouble” is possibly the word, which describes Judith Butler´s work most accurately. Her iconic publication “Gender Trouble” triggered an international uproar and revived the discussions around gender, sexuality, desire, identity and power at the beginning of the 1990s. Her reflections specifically influenced feminist and queer-theoretical discussions as well as debates in political philosophy and ethics.
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Still in progress

Dear visitors, please remain patient. This site still only presents a small selection of my articles. I am currently translating more feature stories. Thank you for your understanding, Nina Schulz

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